AdLabs is now BIG Cinemas

A few weeks ago, I went upto the multiplex in Ameerpet and it was called AdLabs Cinemas then (am trying hard not to recall that it was for Drona 😐 ). Tomorrow, I’ll be going there again for watching Quantum of Solace but it will be called BIG Cinemas now! They recently had a rebranding exercise and all the various AdLabs theatres were renamed as BIG Cinemas.

 AdLabs BIG Cinemas

Adlabs Films Limited, a member of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group and India’s largest cinema chain announced today the launch of BIG Cinemas with the tagline “Ab Bada Mazza Ayega”. The entire rollout will happen simultaneously on Tuesday, 28th October 2008 across BIG Cinemas’ 73 properties throughout the country, totalling 186 screens and 71000 seats. [Press Release]

I must’ve missed the announcement or the news items… I only realized that when I’d logged in earlier today to book tickets for QoS. Though I must say the ‘AdLabs’ name was much better. Of course, many people back in my hometown believe that I work there (owing to the very close resemblance of the name of my actual workplace to that!) but it has nothing to do with that. Just that PVR, Prasadz, AdLabs sound like a theatre name when compared to BIG Cinemas. When you say “I’m going to the Big Cinema”, people may end up asking “Really? How Big?” :mrgreen:

4 thoughts on “AdLabs is now BIG Cinemas

  1. Which is the best? PVR, Big or Prasads? I’ve never been to Big/Adlabs. I liked PVR more than Prasads.

    Actually Adlabs belonged to Manmohan Shetty which was bought over by Chota Ambani. Hence the re-branding exercise.

  2. I noticed the same when I was booking for tickets for QoS for today’s show 🙂
    then I remembered Ambani Jr.. and all his “Big” ventures…

    @Philip, comfort wise (the seats) Big is better [damn that sounds so pathetic, I am sticking with Adlabs 🙂 ]

  3. Hmmm…I’ll disagree with Kunal. For me, PVR’s the best…in terms of seating, sound, leg space, elbow space etc. Prasadz sucks in all these aspects and AdLabs is somewhat in beteen.

    And hey…seems like both I and Kunal will be at today’ QoS show at AdLabs 😛

  4. Wish you Happy and prosperous New Year 2009..

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