Guzarish Video from Ghajini

Seen the theatrical trailer of Ghajini? Remember the lilting beats in the background (before the action kicks-in)? The beats are from the song Guzarish, the video of which was released just a while ago. I didn’t catch it on any of the TV channels but happened to watch it at IndiaFM (a.k.a Bollywood Hungama)

Ghajini Guzarish Song

Asin and Aamir Khan in the song Guzarish, from the movie Ghajini

The song’s kinda nice (well, one gets to hear just about a minute of it!) and I have a sneaky feeling its sung by either Srinivas or Javed Ali. You music geeks out there have a better idea? Put it forward! If you wanna watch the vid, head over to IndiaFM or just catch any of the YT vids floating about. One’s here after the jump…

5 thoughts on “Guzarish Video from Ghajini

  1. Heard the song on TV today … i wud say it was nice not gr8 though … well m really looking forward for the movie … oh yes and the music … too 🙂

  2. Yep. Looking forward to what the maestro has set apart for this one.

  3. music is releasing on the 10th reportedly.

  4. Only one song will be releasing on 10th.Others on 15th

  5. Er….Whats the fun in that 😐

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