Ghajini Website

“Remember” – now this is a word one can readily associate with Ghajini – the movie. Given the lead character’s short term memory loss, he has to remember lotsa things. And the promos have also been asking the viewers to remember the release date – December 25. So its no big surprise that the official website of the movie has been modelled on the remember keyword! The official website of the movie Ghajini is Pretty cool, huh? Moreso since the domain has already been taken up by a cyber squatter and web site names such as and sound pretty mundane.

Ghajini Website

As of now, the site just contains the theatrical trailer and the media invite page wherein media persons are required to upload a pic alongwith  their details so that in the press conference, Aamir can identify them easily! He has short term memory loss remember :mrgreen:

12 thoughts on “Ghajini Website

  1. Cool Grunge design !!!, Good flash

  2. can anyone tel me when is the music of ghajini releasing?

  3. Forget, Just Remember DEC.25

  4. Yeah! *heads for the nearest tatoo shop*


  5. aamir is looking cool.really i will go 2 c ghajini.waiting for dec.25

  6. i think its releasing on nov 22 nd

  7. ‘-‘
    Nope ! 25th

  8. Music or Movie?

    The movie’s coming out on Dec 25th…presumably its the music that will be out on Nov 25th then!

  9. Toooo good…………..

  10. Aamir…is the Best. Every movie of his he keeps on looking younger and younger…you rock Aamir.

  11. cannot wait for 25th december

  12. Ghajini is a must to watch. Aamir rocks. That guy is truly a genius. Hats off to cast and crew. Really, go watch it. Completely paisa vasool

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