Third Year…

Oops! I almost forgot! My Wierd Wired World has completed a pretty decent three years of its run the last week. And as a good wine, it is growing good as it ages…even if I say so myself :mrgreen:

Three Years

And even though the regularity has decreased and the mundanity (er…for lack of a better word) has increased, I still find it as an outlet for my expressions but not for the really personal kind. I kinda indulge in ranting about those to myself in my own MindBlog! Anyways, a big thanks to all the regular and irregular visitors and commentators (or should it be commentors?) who’ve been visiting this blog…either through bookmarks or via search results.

Happy Birthday to MWWW

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11 thoughts on “Third Year…

  1. Kongrats buddy. Hamku party hona 😉

  2. Well, congratulations for finishing three years! It is certainly an achievement to continue that long. 🙂

  3. nice touch at the end there – “Possibly related posts: (not automatically generated)” 😀

    and congratulations!

  4. Ok, so you are Graduate Blogger Now 🙂

  5. Congrats! And yeah that “Possibly related posts: (not automatically generated)” thing was cool 😀

  6. Thanks everyone!

    @Liju: Get me the tickets for Singapuram and I’ll get you a party there 😛

    @Poonam: Well, it seems like it was just yesterday that I’d started off! Time does fly….

    @Ajay: LOL! Masters in Blogging, huh? Shall have to check if I’ve any backpaper 😐

    @Kunal, Rohit: Hehhhhhe….I thot it would be a nifty thing to have 😎

  7. copied from spiderman 3 hey!!!!! that image…

  8. Naah. I took it from Sony (PS3) IIRC! It looks similar to Spidey three tho 😐

  9. Wow! well done. So when’s it moving to its own domain?

  10. Hmm…haven’t thought about it in a long time! I’ll let it be as of now….no dough 😐

  11. congrats dude …

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