Munnabhai Chale Amerika

Burger: Vada Pav
Washington: Dhobi Ghat
Red Indian: Lal Bhai
Uncle Sam: Mamu
Black: Kaliya
Cowboy: Gai ka bachcha
Dollar: Maal
Mafia: Bhai Log
Casino: Matka
Let’s Hang Out: Chalo Latakte Hain
Statue of Liberty: Amrican Mata
Bush: Jhaad
Wassup: Upar kya hai?
Dude: Apun
Jus’ Chillin’: Hawa aande
Miami: Meri Maa Ki
Cop: Mamu
Blonde: Gaon ki gori

Wondering why I’m listing out such inane translations for what are mostly “American” words? Well, coz that’s how our Murli Prasad Sharma a.k.a. Munna Bhai and Sarkeshwar a.k.a Circuit are trying to learn the “Amrikan bhasha” 😀 . These are probably the movie’s lines and I’ve taken them from the promotional poster of the 3rd instalment in the Munna Bhai series of movies – Munna Bhai Chale Amerika.

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and starring Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi as those lovable rascals, Munna Bhai Chale Amerika is the third episode in their lives wherein they travel to America. I happened to stumble upon this poster on the website of Vinod Chopra. The movie’s expected to hit the theatres in late 2009. Should be a laugh riot!

Munna Bhai Chale Amerika

P.S: There are a couple of trailers of the movie on YT.

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