The Amazing Race Asia 3 Finale

Amazing Race Asia 3 Winners

The Hong Kong based team of Vince and Sam have won the Amazing Race Asia Season 3. In the season finale episode aired today, they finished ahead of the Filipino team of Geoff and Tisha and Malaysian team of Tania and Ida to take home the US$100,000 prize money.

Having finished the 10th leg in Muscat (Oman) in first place, Tania and Ida were the first team to depart – followed by Geoff and Tisha and Vince and Sam in the rear. Their tasks involved shepherding a herd of camels across the desert and hunting in the hot sand for a key which will open the  locked clue-box. Battling stuck wheels and hot sand, Geoff and Tisha jumped into the lead and headed to Phuket, Thailand for the final set of tasks. Tania and Ida had the double misfortune of getting their wheels stuck in the sand and then missing their connecting flight from Dubai to Phuket and fell behind the other two teams.

A lost taxi driver proved to be the undoing of Geoff and Tisha as Vince and Sam overtook them and were ahead of them in each of the other tasks, including the detour that involved choosing between diving to the sea floor in search of a clam and looking across a maze of dried oysters for a marked shell. Some more sand-digging later – this time in the cool confines of the beach – Vince and Sam found the treasure chest containing the prize money and hauled that to the finish mat where host Allan Wu and the eliminated contestants welcomed them.

This season wasn’t as much exciting as the last season but it sure was close. The tasks were much intense and more physical and gruelling than before. They more than made up for the slightly less amount of travelling than in previous seasons. None of the eliminations were marked by race-to-the-finish scenes which were so common in previous seasons. I wasn’t rooting for one particular team like I did last year and of course, the early eliminations of both the Indian teams didn’t further my interest. Anyways, congratulations to Vince and Sam for winning!!!

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3 thoughts on “The Amazing Race Asia 3 Finale

  1. when we are going to the Indian verison of this show??
    We do a lot of copy paste 🙂

  2. U actually watch all that?

  3. Do you think I wrote all of that from my imagination 👿

    Of course I watch it! Its good….

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