[Repost] In Bengaluru, Unconnected

Am in Bengaluru at Friends’ place but as ill-luck would have it, their wireless internet connection is acting up all crazy whenever we seem to be needing it! When left idle, the signal strength is strong and immediately upon connecting, it drops down to a trickle! And coz of its fickle-mindedness, we are left unconnected from the WWW!

Thankfully, we have the TV PC monitor hooked up to a set-top box and a ‘stolen’ cable connection to ease out the boredom and as I type this, the news is all agog with the Terrorist attacks on Mumbai. Our condolences go out to those affected and curses to the perpetrators 👿

[Edit] I’d drafted this on 28/11 but before I could post it, the damn connexion dwindled off again!

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