[Incoming] Intrepid Ibex

I got the CDs of the latest version of Ubuntu, the open source Linux-based operating system, via international courier today. The version’s 8.10 and is codenamed Intrepid Ibex (sic!).

What bothers me is that I have never requested it in the first place 👿 The last time I’d ordered the CD’s were for the 6.10 version – Dapper Drake – and had received about twenty of them. After fiddling with the installation for about twenty or so minutes, I gave up and distributed them amongst friends and colleagues; and didn’t think about going back to Ubuntu ever again. If Canonical had the policy of sending the CDs to registered users, I’d have got them for Eft, Fawn, Gibbon and Heron as well…but I didn’t! I’m wondering if one of those Ubuntu advocates had given my name & address in the CD mailing site 👿

4 thoughts on “[Incoming] Intrepid Ibex

  1. Oye chaman! I too have registered with Ubuntu to receive the CDs in the past, but have not received any CD i did not request. You seem to be a special case.

  2. Why? That is what I am keen to know 😐

  3. I ordered for them too, and didn’t get mine yet!

    So I downloaded the ISO and burnt it to a blank CD.

    Consider yourself lucky. 😀

  4. Hmm…People who ‘have’ ordered it haven’t received it…and I, who hasn’t ordered it, have received it 😐

    Lucky? head-scratchingly so 😀

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