Wierd Wired Game

So the recession’s making the workspace a little all-too-boring does it? Or maybe a little scary and jittery, not knowing when’s the ‘light red coloured piece of paper’ is gonna come! Fear not, for the wacky Radio Stations in your city will come up to your workplace and ‘jazz’ it up…with some wierd games n stuff 😐

Well, that’s what happened at our workplace today as one of the leading FM Radio stations came swooping down for an evening full of CITY-styled BIG fun with MIRCHI-hot games and some S-pecial prizes!

Corporate Event

I’m not one to usually loiter around such fun-events but was half-interested to just go and see what was the fuss all about. Until I heard a (pretty detailed) description of one of the so-called “fun” game, called MiB or Mirchi in a Bottle! What they do is wire up a green chilli to your back (waist) so that it dangles behind you, kinda like a tail…and you’d have to er…umm…manoeuvre around to put that in a bottle placed behind you…while looking over your back (or any which way)! It took a while to ‘imagine’ how it would’ve proceeded; and the catcalls and the jeers that I could hear were testament to its wierdness but alas! before I could catch a glimpse, it was over! I suppose there were not many ‘participants’ for this one :mrgreen:

There were some other events also but I haven’t heard back from the ‘participants’ on how those proceeded, so probably those are for another day, another post! Who said workplaces aren’t fun? Especially when we have ki(nky)nd souls like these FM Radio Channels’ “Creative Directors” out to spread cheer and joy amongst the corporate environment! 😈

One thought on “Wierd Wired Game

  1. today it was in my office also. It was good and full of fun.

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