Happy New Year 2009!

New Year Wishes 2009

Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year 2009! May the coming year bring y’all lotsa fun, joy, cheer, happiness and all else that you desire for. And hope that it will be much much better than the year bygone.

P.S: I’ll be in a self-imposed exile/hibernation for a wee bit longer. Remember, patience is a virtue 😛

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2009!

  1. a post after 16 days…seems our blogger is busy these days

  2. Happy new year to u too

  3. happy new year da….

  4. Happy New Year YC! I hope this year brings us face to face eh?

  5. Wish you a very happy new year! Have a great 2009! 🙂

  6. Thanks all…and wish y’all the same.

    @Pab: Hmm…not busy but preoccupied 😛

    @Yashaswini: Do I know You? 😐

  7. Happy New Year dude!

  8. Happy New Year. Come back to hyderabad soon.

  9. U not in Hyd? Then where?

  10. @Pab: At home, in Bam 😀

  11. Best Wishes for the New Year Chittu.

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