SouthCo Faux Pas

Spotted today whilst idle surfing:

Lightening Life of Orissa - Southco

Galti se mishtek, obviously. They evidently wanted to put “Lighting” (Southco is an electricity company). To put things in perspective, here’re the many definitions of “lightening”. :mrgreen:

P.S: Sigh! Excuse me for the rather lame attempt at posting something. The time for full-scale-coming-back is still some days away. Peace.

10 thoughts on “SouthCo Faux Pas

  1. at least you are posting “something” 🙂

  2. Good Pick Chitu 🙂

  3. Abbe atleast stop blaming others for your fault…

  4. Oopppsss…. Wrong post

    • Tx Santanu

      I’m from Berhampur, hence the SouthCo post 😀 You blog is nice…keep updating it regularly. I started a Berhampur Blog on WordPress but alas! its lying unused 😦

  5. Now its corrected.

  6. Wondering if its designed that way

  7. Typical web designing mistake

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