The one with the TV left on…

Those who know me well will vouch for the fact that I’m quite a err…ummm…“laidback” fellow on Sundays. I try to ensure that there’re not many household chores, not many visits to folks’ houses, no disturbing visitors etc etc. Main aur meri tanhaaii is my refrain on Sundays (except of course when there’re parties or meets or dinners to attend :mrgreen: ). If that’s the case with me on Sundays when I’m on my own in Hyderabad, imagine the scenario when I’m at my hometown with none of the above-mentioned obligations. I can safely say that the err…“laidback-ness” is ^2

It was one such Sunday yesterday and having spent almost the entire day doing…nothing…I settled down in front of the TV in the evening for some soccer action. There were two matches in the EPL and whilst the first one was a passable fare, the second one was not-to-be-missed, for it was Manchester United Vs. Chelsea at Old Trafford. Arguably the second most anticipated fixture amongst the Big 4 (Man U Vs. Liverpool accorded the #1 status), it was one that commanded rapt blink-or-you’ll-miss-it attention. I duly accorded it that unwavering attention and when it all ended – with an emphatic 3-0 drubbing for Chelsea – and the post-match analysis and reactions too ended, I was so excited and exhilarated that I trooped off to my room and hit the sack (mentally chanting Go United Go!)…without remembering to switch off the Television!!!

Now “laidback” I might be but I’m also quite responsible and meticulous in my habits. After late-night-TV-watching, I always turn off the set – not from the remote, mind it, switch off the power, turn off the lights and tidy up before I retire for the night. But yesternight I didn’t do any of that! Not only did it catch my folks unawares but also led them to think that I watch too much TV and there also were some murmurs of curtailing my privileges! A sound dressing-down ensued today morning and no doubt there will be someone to look over my retiring habit tonight…and most probably for the next few nights!

In my defense, I squarely blame Chelsea! Why did they have to lose so badly? Sometimes such happenings disturb one’s routine…don’t you think so? 😉

2 thoughts on “The one with the TV left on…

  1. Abbe atleast stop blaming others for your fault…

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