Cinemax Multiplex Opens in Hyderabad

Hyderabad now has another multiplex added into its kitty. Cinemax, which was under construction for almost a year has finally opened to the public on the occasion of Sankranthi yesterday with the release of the Telugu flick Maska. Hindi movie Chandni Chowk to China will be the next to be screened here on 16th Jan. I’d heard this from a friend in Hyd yesterday and today’s news reports indeed corroborate it.

 Cinemax in Hyderabad

Located at RK Cineplex on Banjara Hills Rd #2 (opposite LV Prasad Eye Hospital), Cinemax will have three screens with a total seating capacity of 1001, with 88 recliner seats. The best part – for me, at least – is that the screen is very close to my workplace…within walking distance! So the early-evening dash to catch the latest release on Friday evening will be less of a cumbersome affair 😛

But there’s a dampener: the ticket prices are at a steep Rs 200!

The Andhra Pradesh government has issued a GO to Cinemax India Ltd, which owns a multiplex at Road No. 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, allowing it to charge Rs 200 per ticket. This is the highest ticket price charged by any theatre in the AP state.

The GO, No 7, allows the theatre to charge Rs 200 per ticket as a special case. The order states that since a huge amount of money was invested in the theatre, the government permitted it to charge more. Cinemax can collect Rs 200 for the Gold category and Rs 100 for Special and Executive Class of the three screens. Other multiplexes in the city can charge a flat Rs 100 and Rs 200 for 3D films. [Source]

Cinemax Website

17 thoughts on “Cinemax Multiplex Opens in Hyderabad

  1. the 200 rupee ticket would be a huge dampner.. why do I go there when I get equally good theaters at 100 bucks?

  2. 200 k ill get good croud

  3. 200 bucks for a ticket? Are they giving a free BJ with the ticket? 😉

    Btw, isnt this owned by Raghavendra Rao, The bearded pervert of Tollywood?

    • @Liju: The complex is owned by Raghavendra Rao…the Multiplex is I guess leased out to Cinemax.

      @Parimala: Yeah, there are 100 bucks tickets too. Guess they’ll be at a lower level.

      @Pab: Maybe! If I were to waste 200 bucks, I’d waste 100 of them on a ticket and another 100 on snacks 😛

      @Rajesh: Its upto the audience….if one wants comfort, one oughta pay for it! As Shashank correctly puts it, rates in Bangy are wayy more…Europa something class in PVR goes at 500+ bucks!!! We’re better off, eh 😛

  4. Well they have 200/ ticket for an exclusive class….The good news is that they have 100/ rs tickets too…was quite releived to know that.

  5. 200/- for a movie ticket ?? why will someone like me opt for it when we have the same for 100/- … i can take my gl along 😉

  6. For 200!!! people having lot of money to waste will go

  7. Its abt the comfort thing also..only few recliner style seats will cost Rs 200 among the many normal seats costing Rs 100..whereas they cost Rs 500 in blore…so chill guys…

  8. Why people are so much worried for 200 bucks. Here in bangalore every multiplex charges that much, even more than that. Lucky that you are getting gold class at 200 we are paying 500 bucks for that

    • Coz in Hyd my dear, we believe in VFM 😛

      Bengalureans will pay through the nose for even unworthy stuff but Hyderabadis aren’t like that!

  9. @Bikrant:

    when I was in Bglr…I dint mind spending rs.200…cos that is the minimum u have to pay there…

    In Hyd the max u pay is rs.100/ at multiplexes.I am loving it:)

  10. be a Roman when you are in Rome 🙂

  11. How Much Is The Ticket 4 ??

  12. I would go to ADLABS opps Big Cinemas rather, 1 movie ticket and Nachos + Coke, 200 bucks well spent 😆

  13. I would go to ADLABS oops Big Cinemas rather, 1 movie ticket and Nachos + Coke, 200 bucks well spent 😆

  14. the worst place in the hyderbad. no reason they charging 200/-
    they charge for parking, they dont allow the drinks you bought in food court to theaters..they simply ask them to thow…

    no go Green.

  15. wtf dude!
    cinemax sucks…
    parking sucks.,…
    its filthy shit north worth a penny…
    r we paying fr watching a movi or….eating a buffet??

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