Windows Live Writer 2009; trying out few plug-ins

Long time since I’ve updated few of the s/w’s on moi laptop. I usually update the NIS and run Windows Update once in a while and that’s it! So I went on an updating spree today and downloaded & installed newer versions of some of the stuff. That includes the software from where I’m posting this! I Installed the Windows Live Writer 2009 today and going out on a whim, installed few of the plug-ins also. This post is just to tryout those and see how far usable they’re…

  • Instant Photo Frame (new feature)

A Confusing Instant Photo

  • Flickr Upload (plug-in)


  • Smileys (plug-in)

MSN Smileys: Hot  Party  Thumbs-up

Yahoo Smileys: Rolling on the floor  Waiting  Big Grin

Hidden Smileys: Puppy dog eyes  Skull  Not worthy

  • Twitter update (plug-in)

Sends an automatic tweet to one’s Twitter account, with the short url of the post and its title.

  • Digg This (plug-in)

A link is added to each post, enabling readers to Digg it.

Links: Writer Homepage | Download WLW here | Plug-ins Gallery

P.S: Remember to digg this post!

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2 thoughts on “Windows Live Writer 2009; trying out few plug-ins

  1. Digged. Features are interesting, will try it soon.

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