Om Malik @ WordCamp India

It’s official now. The ‘suprise guest from US’ at this year’s WordCamp India is none other than Om Malik, of GigaOm. He’ll be joining Matt, Amit Agarwal and others at the two day event for Bloggers at Noida.

I’m modest enough but I’d like to think that I make a good guess :mrgreen: . I guessed as much when I was reading the event announcement on DelhiBloggersBloc about a ‘suprise guest’ gracing the occasion. In fact, I’ve said so here.

Alas, I’m not attending the event 😦

4 thoughts on “Om Malik @ WordCamp India

  1. nice header 🙂 noticed it just now.. this theme looks good

  2. Chittaranjan,
    I attended the meet.It was a treat listening to Om.May you missed something.Now, next time

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