GMail outage provokes mass frenzy!

It was just another Tuesday evening…with EoD deadlines looming large and the yearn to get back to home steadily growing bigger, I happened to glance at the TwitterFox icon on the statusbar and there were about 51 unread tweets. Now that might be not a big number for some heavily networked indviduals…but for someone with as small a ‘following’ list as mine, it sure was an ‘eyebrow-raiser’. A quick glance showed that almost all tweets were related to one thing – “GMail Down”

The news has now spread like wildfire – that GMail was down from about 5 PM IST thereon – and thanks in no small terms to ‘instant’ updates from ‘socially networked’ netizens! The news-websites also have joined in the frenzy; a quick Google News Search reveals no less than 90+ articles about the mail service from Google being down. Few articles also mentioned how users who switched over from ‘corporate’ paid email to free GMail may rethink their choice! Some even casting aspersions over the ‘SaaS model‘ and ‘Cloud Computing

IMHO, thatz an absurd conclusion to jump to. A small outage shouldn’t be the reason to jump ship and ditch any service. Why not weigh out the positives against the negatives? AFAIR, in the past 3 years or so, GMail has ‘conked out’ just about three-four times [Instance 1 & 2]

The problem has been resolved as of now:

Many of our users had difficulty accessing Gmail today. The problem is now resolved and users have had access restored. We know how important Gmail is to our users, so we take issues like this very seriously, and we apologize for the inconvenience..
[GMail Support]

What this seems to tell me is that people have made sky-high expectations from these ubiquitous services and their availability 24X7X365 has been taken for granted. Just spare a thought for the engineers and personnel who put in long hours into maintenance and sustenance of such behemoth-ic services.

Moral: Patience is a virtue 😎

7 thoughts on “GMail outage provokes mass frenzy!

  1. Man come to think of it, for a thing such as a “Gmail outage”, it created so much hyperwaves on the cyberspace, wonder if any other mail app can manage it. Now even Yahoo! Mail! But yeah just one outage doesn’t make Gmail bad by any means. I love gmail, been using it since years and never it has given me any problems.

  2. And not to mention, its technology afterall, it can sometimes “fail”. Its not invincible.

    • Right!

      Writing it off for just a minor glitch is too premature and illogical!

      And come to think of it, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail are hardly ever spoken about or heard in the news 😐

  3. People only demand better service when they are given anything free. When they pay for something, they take downtime as granted. This just shows how dependent we are on gmail already.

    Or was it Google’s way of finding out how much it was indispensable to the net junkies?

    • Ideally, it should be the other way round! When one pays for stuff, downtime is inadmissible…when its free, why the fretting?

      I read someplace tht it was due to a ‘software bug’ 😐

  4. I hadn’t noticed the downtime. It was probably during one of my connection episode with my crappy ISP. (TimeWarner Cable)

  5. Really, Goolge? The Google? Not the first time.

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