World’s Top 25 Train Journeys

Ho Hum! Life’s so busy that I’m having to resort to post forwarded emails’ stuff on the blog! Today’s ‘interesting’ forward was about the World’s Top 25 Train Rides.

Presenting, the Society of International Railway Travelers’ (IRT) annual list of The World’s Top 25 Trains Trips. The list is based on the experience of IRT writers, editors, members and staff, with all trains and the trips meeting stringent standards for service, accommodation, scenery, itinerary, off-train experiences and passenger enjoyment.

The original article is from ET and was kindly fwd’ed to me by Mr. KR. I mayn’t get to accomplish all of those beautiful journeys but if ever I make a checklist of ‘things to do before…err…um…I no longer am able to do them’, I’ll put a few of them down there. Anybody there game to join me?

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8 thoughts on “World’s Top 25 Train Journeys

  1. so from when could your readers expect regular normal blogging? 🙂

  2. @kunal: He’s planning to get married and all. The lady in his life’s taking up all the time. Regular blogging can very much be forgotten.

  3. 😆
    If I was planning on that, why would I be asking ppl. to join me on those journeys?

    I don’t have time for Blogging, where’s the time for biwi-ing 😐

  4. your sporadic blogging is certainly leading me to believe that you are about to be hitched 🙂

  5. This is a regular comment. I am expecting this to be “below” all other comments.

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