Random News XI

Some Random news that I’d like to share:


  • F1 rules amended so that the driver with most wins will be crowned champion…instead of the driver with most wins. (Via Geek Rohit). More…
  • Arsenal join Manchester United, Chelsea & Everton in the FA Cup last 4 after they beat Hull. More…
  • UEFA Champions League Quarter Final draw is on 20th March (Ppl. have been coming over to my last year’s QF draw post a lot!)
  • India let NZ off the hook in their 1st test. NZ were 60/6 before recovering to post 279. India are 29/0 at the end of day 1. More…


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4 thoughts on “Random News XI

  1. there are good and bad sides to the new F1 champion rule..

    this would force people to push for the win, but wouldn’t it be bad for somebody like Kubica? that guy is almost always in points.. generally in top 4, and rarely a winner, but always a contender in terms of points.

    BMW lacks the firepower to take on Ferrari and McLaren, but they are consistent, a quality which now would seem to be redundant.

    • Right you be! Consistent performers like Kubica and Alonso, who may not always fight for the races will be losing out! Also, if a driver/team is on a rich vein of form and win 5-6 races before half-way the season, then its a done deal 😐

      Mebbe there should be a concept like ‘position difference’. Wins scored when NOT on pole position should be worth more. Say, if Kimi started from 5th on the grid and finished 1st, give him 10+5 points.

  2. Hi Chittaranjan,

    Is there an F1 Fans Club in Nairobi or a place where F1 fans meet up to watch F1 GP’s together?


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