Photo Post: Silent Sentinels

I usually put in photos over at the PhotoBlog but there’s an exception to every rule, no? [Psst…I bribed the owner of this blog  to put this up here :mrgreen: ]

They’re about two pairs of Silent Sentinels…two non-living ones which have stood the test of time and must’ve overseen whole civilizations ebb and flow in front of them. The other two are very living ones which don’t look like they’ll withstand the test of time and have seen civilization come pretty close to encroaching their habitat!

Silent Colossi

Roaring Lions

Anyways, both these pics were shot by my cousin who was with the Indian Army’s UN Peace Corps over at Egypt and Kenya last year. At first I thought how cool it would be to be able to see those wonderful places steeped in history and those lush green forests where Civilization is dwarfed by Nature but then I realized its not a picnic he was on…lots of responsibility and duty, not only to his Country but to the World as a whole. I salute him!

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5 thoughts on “Photo Post: Silent Sentinels

  1. Sooper pics. My dream is to spend a few nights at a tiger reserve some day and watch the beautiful animals close up.

  2. Like others, I too can only admire the images. 🙂

  3. beautiful shots..

  4. Thanks all!

    The credit belongs to my cousin, he shot the pix. I spruced’em tho 😎

    @Liju: Go for it man! Hope u realize ur dream some day…

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