CONfounded F*CKER!

Apologies for the rather crude title but I feel oh-so-angry! Not at the people behind that confounded thing nor at the preventers…but moreso at the moronic individuals who let it propagate to the extent it did! How old is the saying prevention is better than cure? I bet these morons never heard it or may have conveniently forgotten it 👿

Worm In case you’re wondering what I’m ranting about, please to do a Google News Search for ‘Conficker’. Its a darned worm that was out in the woods for sometime now but reared up on April 1st to say hello to the millions of fools all over the internet! I’d kept both my notebook and the PC up-to-date with the security patches et al but as they saying goes, one bad apple spoils the whole basket and in this case, led to the basket being kept away in isolation until the bad apples were identified and the bad portion cut off. I know I’m coming across a bit dense here but you see, I haven’t have any decent disclaimer about this place…y’know, the kind of stuff that reads somewhat like “opinions expressed here are the writer’s own and have no relation to any person, place or events elsewhere”. Wait, isn’t that from the movies? I guess I’m still seething with frustration…

Anyways, one irony in this milieu is that while a similar event few years back gave me reason to smile, this time round it started off a cussfest! What goes round, comes round, eh?

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6 thoughts on “CONfounded F*CKER!

  1. It got download in my college comp..

  2. Sorry about the worm er virus infestation!

    I know what you mean, it happened to us last year. It ws nightmare. Hope you are able to resolve it soon. 🙂

  3. I was, at first, looking for an April Fools Day tag in that list 😦

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