UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals

And its gonna be

  • Manchester United (England) Vs. Arsenal (England)
  • Barcelona (Spain) Vs. Chelsea (England)

Manchester United Arsenal

Barcelona Chelsea

The four semi-finalists of the 2008-2009 UEFA Champions League have been decided, across what turned out to be two days of high-and-low, ebb-and-flow, fast-and-slow soccer action! Yesterday’s dramatic match involving Chelsea and Liverpool was a crackerjack of an affair with both sides scoring four goals apiece and only their first-leg advantage seeing Chelsea through. The second match yesterday was a tame one-all draw between Barcelona & Bayern Munich, with the former’s first-leg win seeing them through.

Today’s action started frenetically as well, with Manchester United scoring in the 6th minute and sitting back on their aggregate lead whilst Arsenal were giving a tough time to Villareal, eventually turning out the clear winners. These four matches had a stark contrast against each other, across both legs and going by that, it would be two semi-finals of the highest quality! Can’t wait for them to start…Bring.It.On!

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8 thoughts on “UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals

  1. and then, it will be ManUre vs Chelski

    and then Chelski will have their revenge 😀

    • Hehhhhe…I sure hope not!

      I’m thinking of a Chelsea – Arsenal Final…give those teams something to smile abt this season!
      Man U can have Carling & Club World Cup…Liverpool the EPL, Arsenal the FA Cup and Chelsea the UCL 😛

    • r u sure???????????? u must be jocking………….

  2. the Ronaldo goal was simply brilliant 🙂

    btw, when are the SFs?

  3. Manchester united and Chelsea reach on final, Manchester united win this year champions League again

  4. @Soumajit: Time will tell 😎

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