Oye, Today’s Earth Day!

Today, April 22nd, is World Earth Day. Its a day to encourage and inspire awareness about the Earth and the  environmental hazards plaguing it and bringing citizens together for creating a co-habitative and ideal living environs around us.

Google Logo for Earth Day

Google Logo for Earth Day

As with Charity, it should begin at home…so if you’ve disposed of your garbage in two separate bags – recyclable and non-recyclable, been energy-conscious and turned off unwanted lights & fans, been a proponent of reuse & recycle, didn’t use aerosol cans for your ‘deodorizing’ needs, turned off your vehicle at traffic signals, kept off that cigarette/pan/gutkha/beedi…and so on and so forth, you’ve played a teensy tiny part in protecting the Earth’s Eco System. Of course, we should remember to keep doing it more often…

[Update: On coming home, I packed up all the lying-around plastic bottles (around 300 of them!) and handed’em over to a recognized recycler. Hope they’re disposed of properly 🙂 ]

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2 thoughts on “Oye, Today’s Earth Day!

  1. i realized that it was Earth day when i got the usual copy paste spam mail from who else…the HR dept. Yawn.

    Sent the msg to the rubbish bin. I did my part in protecting the earth 😉

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