When will we get to see Angels & Demons?

May 1st has come and gone. The same can’t be said of the first summer blockbuster movie from Hollywood – X-Men Origins: Wolverine – which hasn’t found a release in India, as yet! With the Bollywood releases all held up due to the stand-off between the producers and the exhibitors, and Tollywood not yet coming out of the rut of crappy movies, movie-goers had only Hollywood releases to look forward to. Of course, movies such as The International and Milk found their way into the theatres but not into the must-watch lists of the audience!

I’m hoping against hope that the one movie I’m most looking forward to, will find a favourable release cometh the 15th of May. No prizes for guessing which one it is – Angels & Demons. Ron Howard’s adaptation of the Dan Brown novel by the same name, starring Tom Hanks, Ewan MacGregor & Ayelet Zurer. I’ve had the novel sitting on my shelf, unread, unseen and forgotten all this while. I only remembered it when I happened to catch the trailer of the movie some days back on the telly. Even then I didn’t pick it up to read coz I knew the movie would come out soon…so why bother with the book :mrgreen:


The Illuminati Logo (reads the same when reversed)

The movie shows how The Illuminati, a secret society and an age-old enemy of the Vatican is out for revenge against the Church and on the day a new Pope is to be chosen, has kidnapped four Cardinals and hid them in the four churches on the path of illumination. Harvard Symbologist Dr. Robert Langdon (Hanks) is called in for solving the mystery and as one clue leads to another, Langdon must battle against time and a relentless enemy to save the lives of thousands of people. There’s also some hi-fi Physics stuff (Antimatter etc) thrown in there for good measure but who cares about some particle physics when you’ve got a good old mystery with hidden-symbols, clues embedded all over the place, infiltration, secret societies etc.

Earlier movies such as Eyes Wide Shut, Tomb Raider, National Treasure etc have been good at portraying the intrigue behind these secret societies and the air of mystery surrounding them. In fact, I went ahead and bought The Templar Legacy when I was done watching National Treasure. Angels & Demons, I bought quite a while back and its now sitting on my shelf, hoping that the movie doesn’t come out here and I’ll finally pick it up to read it; I’m afraid that might soon happen! Till then, I’m whetting up the appetite by catching up on all the trailers of the movie over at the official website and at apple trailers.

P.S: The Illuminati symbol in the movie as well as the title on the novel is a rotational ambigram.

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4 thoughts on “When will we get to see Angels & Demons?

  1. Its really a shame that some greedy people are causing all these problems. We movie fans are suffering. And this only helps piracy. People will now watch the pirated CDs, since the movies are not being released in theatre. Shame really.

    • Yep. Wolverine already has been swarming all over the WWW (even before the release) and I fear A&D, Star Trek, Terminator Salvation etc may meet the same fate 😦

  2. the book paled in comparison with Da Vince Code, but standalone it was an okayish read..
    hoping that the Holloywood summer blockbusters come soon!

    • Really? some of my colleagues who read both said A&D was better 😐

      If the standoff doesn’t end soon, the new INOX at GVKOne may open to empty auditoriums 🙄

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