Have EMail, Will Post!

Lemme see…

  • There’s a major system overhaul in progress and all I have on my notebook is the OS & Outlook (nope, no browsers..not even IE!) and am connected to the Web via LAN. i get this unsuppressable urge to blog. Can I do it?
  • I get gifted an iPhone! I snap up some pretty pics with it but can’t wait to show them to people. Can’t wait till I connect the phone to the notebook, transfer the pics and then post’em onto my blog. How am I gonna do that?
  • I receive an amazing email forward that just HAS TO BE SHARED with others. Sure, I can ‘forward’ the forward but it will sit in the inbox of people, idle and feeling unwanted! Best way is to post it on moi blog…but then I’ve to save the images locally, then re-upload them onto WP and write out (or copy-paste) all the text therein. Time taking and boring! Is there an easier way out?

YES! WordPress now has introduced the much-awaited and uber-useful “Post By Email” Feature….[Official Announcement] [How-to Page]

Of course, Blogger has had it for quite a while now but its good that even WP has it. Agreed, all of us have browsers and other blogging tools at our disposal (Windows Live Writer, for one) but isn’t it nice to be able to post a blog just by sending an email! Can be done from anywhere, anytime and with mobile internet being oh-so-prevalent, one doesn’t need even a PC/Notebook for that! Cool, isn’t it :mrgreen:

And yeah, this post was er…um…posted from GMail!

5 thoughts on “Have EMail, Will Post!

  1. congrats on the iPhone!

  2. this feature made an appearance after ages! I have configured everything on the cell phone to post, just need an idea to “send the e-mail” 🙂

  3. iphone?? really u got one….or is one for example kind of scenario? 🙂

  4. Good site, admin.

  5. Hmm…seems no one read the post carefully!

    I said “I get gifted an iPhone”…its a hypothetical situation yaars 🙄

    BTW, I hate iPhone…SE rules, IMO!

    @Kunal: Now it will be all the more easy for u to pen 55’s 😛

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