[Un]welcome Showers!

Calvin in the Rain

I’m confused! I don’t know whether to be happy that the rains have helped bring down the sweltering heat a little or to be angry that they managed to drench me and also were responsible for the no-power situation! In case you didn’t know yet…it rained today evening in Hyderabad…heavily…and there was no power until a few minutes ago!

Winding the clock a few hours back…I was bang in the middle of the road (on the divider, actually) on the busy JHCP – LVP road, with traffic flowing on either side when the heavens opened up! It was either risk-the-oncoming-vehicles-and-make-a-mad-dash-for-cover or stay-put-twiddle-your-thumbs-and-get-wet scenario. And to to make matters worse, the rain was getting heavier and so was the traffic flow! Throwing caution to the winds, I scampered back to office and sat around waiting for it to abate…and drafted this post [I can’t post images from there, so had to complete it from home].

P.S: That strip is just the sorta scenario I was in…as I was scampering back, a mischievous colleague remarked boasted how he’ll take a lift from the boss and thus can cosy up at home sooner than me 👿


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8 thoughts on “[Un]welcome Showers!

  1. no matter what the situation, we can always find a Calvin & Hobbes strip that relates to that scenario or something similar…

    • Hehhhe…yeah! Like the one where Calvin does “Hocus-pocus Abracadabra”….and wishes his homework was done…I wish the same way for blog-posts also 😀

  2. It rained cats and dogs in Hyderabad and Bangalore but not a drop in Delhi. :sigh:

  3. I want it to rain cats and dogs here 😦

  4. Woah!!.. I just got back from a shithole of a hot place from my deployment…and well I am enjoying the showers soo much.. 🙂

    Makes sense , seeing so many people posting about rains on blogworld… you guys are working and I am on a holiday..

    And indeed… like sumone said before me here… you have a calvin strip for everything !

  5. Delhi has experienced 44c..fifty yrs record high.We are waiting for rains.

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