…and its Barcelona!

FC Barcelona are the winners of the 2009 UEFA Champions League.

FC Barcelona - Treble Winners

They beat holders Manchester United 2-0 to win their third Champions League trophy and cap a memorable year in which they won the La Liga as well as the Copa del Rey. The two goals were scored by Samuel Eto’o (10th minute) and Lionel Messi (70th minute) but the game was won from the midfield – Xavi and Andres Iniesta being huge! United’s midfield was less effective and they simply couldn’t string together a decent attack.

Both teams have now won three trophies this season – World Club Championship, Carling Cup and Premier League for Manchester United and La Liga, Copa del Rey and now, the Champions League. The last one is the biggest of them all and Man U will have to wait another year to lay their hands on that…

Phew! That brings to an end a humdinger of a soccer season (well, there’s the FA Cup Final yet but that’s going to Chelsea anyway!)…bring on the French Open, World T20, Wimbledon and The Ashes!

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3 thoughts on “…and its Barcelona!

  1. Barca won…wooohoooo. Anyone as long as its not the two bloody reds….ManUre and Looserpool. 😛

  2. ManU had so many chances in the early minutes of first half, they started really well and then simply faded away. I felt ManU was thinking that the final was of 6-7 minutes, not the regular 90 minutes 😦

  3. @Liju: Hehhhhe…..anyone who plays good football ought to win…even if its the Reds 😛

    @Kunal: Yep…they looked jaded and simply could not contain the game. On hindisght, the same team should have played the Hull match…

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