Unconnected II

Its wierd how when someone’s building something, that can play a major part in breaking something totally unrelated (Heck! Come to think of it, that’ sounds a lot like Software Engineering…build some, break something else 😈 )

Anyways, the building I was referring to was the construction work going on at the head of the street where I reside. In their eagerness to erect pillars, the construction workers had inhumanely slashed away all the non-electricity wires snaking through their airspace and poof! went my Internet and Cable connection…

Cut Cable

I was hoping (which later gave way to yelling at the repairmen) that it would be fixed by the weekend, but alas, the repairmen turned out to be more moronic than the workers. They simply “patched up” the wires and left them dangling just above the airspace of the second pillar! The result, it was gone again the next day! Of course, the fact that the connexions were all-too-similar to this, didn’t help either.

After much prodding and pushing and cajoling and ideating and yelling, the net connexion’s back on track (had to detour the wire a long way, that ended up costing extra cabling – for which I didn’t pay a paisa, ain’t my fault) but the cable’s still off.

The bad thing was that I missed quite a lot of events on the telly but akin to the cloud-silver-lining yarn, there were quite a few positives too…I managed to polish off few to-do items (courtesy the absolutely free weekend), caught up with few folks and friends (I’ll confess here that I went there with the hope of catching F1 action…but they didn’t have SS 😳 ), did a bit of gardening (of the hair-y kind), a bit of shopping and also caught up with some correspondence (yeah, snail mail’s still alive).

Who said life’s bound by wires…

Image Courtesy: The Paly Voice

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4 thoughts on “Unconnected II

  1. Its not the fault of the workers who just keep digging and breaking everything else that comes in the way. The official who oversees the job should warn the workers in advance.

    Actually the services that got disconnected should sue the company that was digging. Anyway, civility is not one of our main virtues. No wonder we have some dept dig holes and leave them uncovered or protected for months till someone falls in it and dies.

    and then our media shows it live 24×7 as the rescuers try to do their job. Sigh.

    • Heck, yeah! The borewell-rescues are becoming a huge media circus with each incident. Why does no one follow-up on the borewell-diggers *after* the incident or even report on such uncovered holes *before* an accident happens 👿

      In my case, erecting a pillar doesn’t entitle one to cut off the wires! They should be moved, or at least the concerned persons/dept. should be told to move their stuff since its hindering their construction.

      Cutting them off is like taanashaahi 😈

  2. Living disconnected is sometimes good. In the last 10-15 days, I was mostly disconnected from the world and I was ok. It was only again when I logged in, that I realized what I had been missing 😛

    Anyway was awaiting your post on the race, now I know it ain’t coming 😦

    • at least you didn’t sit at home moping/twiddling thumbs!

      I’d give as many cut-wires as it takes to get me out into those scenic places 😛

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