(New?) WordPress Smileys!

Is it just me or have WordPress Smileys have “upgraded” over the past few days? 😐

I noticed some brightened up smileys as I was browising through the My Comments section…and at the back-of-the-mind thought something was wrong! Took me a sec to realize what that was 😳

In any case, seriou bloggers don’t tend to use those smileys. And again there are some ppl. who can’t seem to get enough of them…so much so that almost every sentence is laden with those yellow creatures! Thankfully, I’m not one of them :mrgreen:

Oh and by the way, I’ve returned from my half-yearly vacation. Unlike in the past, this time it was just a week 😦 . More on what I’ve been upto in a later post 😎

P.S: The new-er :mrgreen: smiley’s bad! I prefer the older one!

6 thoughts on “(New?) WordPress Smileys!

  1. new smileys suck!

  2. even I preferred the old smilies, these look tacky!

  3. bakwaas smileys…esp the ones for the toothy grin. yuckkkk

  4. 😳 didn’t work?? πŸ™‚

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