Movie Review: Luck

Its ironic that how unlucky one has to be to get dragged into watching a tripe of a movie called Luck! I was feeling it was a damn good Sunday and only good things will happen to me all day …until 11:00 AM i.e! That’s when the movie started and poof! there went my luck…and also 3 hours that I will never get back! Now I may have been using the word ‘luck’ quite often in this write up…but that will always be small in number when compared to the number of times that word is spoken in the movie. After all, every number – large or small – is small enough beside infinity!

 Luck Movie

Luck is a movie which is all about human betting and dangerous games where people real people face real danger, to earn some money…and other morons place bets on them! And of course, it all takes place in a place where there is no law or police or rules or regulations and people can do as they please. I have an inkling that that place is called Soham Shah’s Imagination! In the movie though, its shown as South Africa where betting kingpin Musa (Sanjay Dutt) and his honcho Tamang (Danny Denzongpa) assemble a motley gang of people who are willing (almost!) to ride their luck and take part in death-defying tasks to win a jackpot worth 20 Crores. These include heavy-in-debt Ram Mehra (Imran Khan), have-a-wife-to-save ex-serviceman Major Jaabar Pratap Singh (Mithun Chakraborty), sold-by-parents Shortkut (Chitrashi Rawat), miraculously-escaped-from-death-row convict Raghav (Ravi Kishan)  revenge seeking Ayesha/Natasha (Shruti Haasan) and some other random phoren babas and babes. There a few hi-fi stunts with some of them scraping through and some dying along they way, all of which is attributed to the one glue which holds the film together – luck!

The movie lacks massively in the human element, some of which is force-fed onto us by means of few feel-good flashbacks but overall its pretty much contrived. With Sanjay Dutt in it, one always expects a high style quotient and at least one isn’t disappointed in that. All the Sanjay Dutt scenes are probably the only ones worth watching, even if they seem to be suffering from a Sanjay Gupta hangover! Imran Khan tries hard to sound all matured and tough but even a wee stubble can’t hide his boyish looks n’ mannerisms. Mithun is strangely subdued and his stony repetition of a selected dialogues is annoying…not more so that Danny Denzongpa’s yadda-yadda-esque dialogues about luck! Ravi Kishan has a meaty role but somehow doesn’t come across as an evil n’ menacing  serial killer that he is made out to be. I had high hopes from debutant Shruti Haasan but she is plastic throughout…having neither emotion nor conviction. Maybe she needs some more ice cream ads to hone up her acting skills. Papa & Mama’s genes haven’t helped (yet!) it seems. And her romantic connection with Imran is highly insipid and almost non-existent.

Music is average at best, with the title song aazma luck aazma and jee le the pick of the songs, and they are placed right at the start and at the end! The movie is high on gloss and scenic locales; even though some of the scenes in Nairobi are passed off as being in South Africa! The stunts are pretty decent, if not outrageous and the cinematography is slick. They could’ve done better with the visual effects though; especially the opening train sequence and the shark stunt. Couldn’t help but notice the faux pas in both these scenes. At which train junction do 7-8 trains pass back and forth all in the matter of 15 seconds? And I think Sharks never roam close to the shore (unless its a Steven Spielberg movie)!

The only advantage that the movie has in terms of success at the box office is that it is something never seen before on the Bollywood screens and is definitely a hatke movie. Gambling themed movies have revolved only around casino floors in the past and cricket betting recently but the human betting angle and the reality-show feel of the film may yet work in its favour. I, though, feel that its gonna lose the foothold once the rom-com Love Aaj Kal and rom-con Kaminey hit the screens next week.

Moi Rating: 1 star

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9 thoughts on “Movie Review: Luck

  1. Oh for a good Hindi movie!! its been months!

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  4. hehehe… watching hindi movies on the net is the best bet. none of them merit even 50 bucks at the theatres these days.

    ya, i too wait for Kaminey.

  5. i think movie is worth a watch for …. who likes action.. bcoz.. movie has gud locations,dialogues, glamorous and with a new concept….. i wud give a 3… bcoz it is nt that bad…nt that worst…like shortkut…… u vll def hav gud time.. dnt always think… abt real sense in movie…like our reviewer..

    kuch galat ho raha hain toh police kya kar rahi hain… dis that….

    reality mein police jhak mar rahii hain… kya when small children are kidnapped and thrown for begging abscission of body parts….

    i dnt know much of ur kinda taste.. but i felt a gud movie after a long time..

  6. That’s why I saved myself from it. I too await Kameeney 😉

  7. Things are made really easy with a click of a button where you can book movie tickets online..

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