The Great Hyderabad Noisotsav!

29th August: Its 1 AM in the night and I have been rudely awoken from my sleep by loud sounds of drum beats, clanging cymbals, rattling trinkets, hooting sounds and the works. Groggily I stumbled to the window and glanced out, wondering what the hell was the cacophony all about. Well, it was a Ganesh immersion procession on its way to the tank bund. Muttering curses under my breath, I staggered back to the bed and rolled about for a good half-an-hour before I could get back to sleep.

30th August: Its 1 AM in the night and I’m half-asleep, just dozing off when I’m shaken out of it by the same drum beats, cymbals et al. Another ganesh immersion procession noisily making its way towards the lake. I doubled my curses and mutterings and drifted off to sleep after counting maybe like a million sheep!

31st August: Its 1:30 AM and I am wide awake! Two ganesh processions have already announced their noisy passage and I can faintly hear a third one approaching. I find myself lying in wait of these noisy &$%^#*$^#$)#^$@!’s and listening intently for similar sounds and only when I’m convinced that they’re gone for good will I get to sleep!

Noise Pollution

You must’ve understood my rants by now. Why on earth does an immersion procession has to be accompanied by such hellish din and cacophony? Can’t a simple nimarjan be affected amidst few holy hymns and probably the utterings of ganpati bappa moriya, agle baras tu jaldi aa? Does all this noise have a point? What are these morons trying to say to the world? That they’ve achieved some fantastically rarefied feat? or that they’re the next-best-death-metal-band-on-the-planet? Heck, even the loudest of loud gigs has a rhythm and music innit (er, sometimes!) but all this is just pure unadulterated noise.

And I am stupefied as to how the administration and the police top brass has allowed it? As per the security norms, every procession is to be accompanied by cops who regulate the flow and maintain decorum but why turn a deaf ear to the plight that it is causing to the people. Yes, security is of paramount importance but isn’t citizen peace and quietude count for something? If I’m feeling sickened by all of it, I can only imagine the pain of senior citizens, children, pregnant women, sick people etc. As it is we are subjected to helluva noises during the daytime…can’t our nights at least be peaceful?

As we were discussing over at FreeHyderabad Forums, the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations have become farcical of late. Turning a blind eye towards environmental concerns, the rampant usage of synthetic and industrial dyes & colours, the gross mismanagement and flouting of rules and decorum in erecting pandals all over the place, the loud and in most cases, filmi music blaring out round-the-clock, power pilferage, collecting chandas from all and sundry…not to mention the drunken stupor in which most of the people in the procession are reeling in! All of this is turning the holy ceremony into a farce and nuisance of terrorizing proportions. Gone are the blissful days when people would take time out to have a dekko at the best of the decorated pandals, sing paeans to the lord and quietly bid him adieu after 9 days, fervently – and quietly – praying for his quick return next year.

Oh what wouldn’t I give for getting back that peace and tranquil…

Image Courtesy: JulesLife

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10 thoughts on “The Great Hyderabad Noisotsav!

  1. Ganesh festival in Hyderabad has become a nuisance. Unfortunately. And all of it hijacked by the chaddi gang and its members.

  2. Moral of the story : Never wake chittu in the middle of the night 😀 i got up at 5 am, due to this nimarjan “noisotsav”, but no regrets as i have mrng shift today. thanks ganapati bapa 😉

  3. cannot agree more with what you have written.. now every religious festival has a political agenda behind it..

    there were times when I loved to roam around my home-town and see all Ganesh idols that adorned the streets.. now whenever any festival is coming up, I just hope there is some quiet in the neighbourhood to no avail!

  4. all this noise inspires one to become atheist

  5. That’s strange, visargan at night. By that standards, it should happen right now in Pune since tomorrow is last day for immersion.

    Yes, its not environmental friendly since here in Pune they use Plaster of Paris, a water pollutant.

    • Night-time is preferred because the roads will be free of traffic and the procession can actually meander around a while. But that can also be done quietly, without all these decibels!

      Thursday is also the last day for visarjan here and it will go uptil midnight, when the biggest 3 idols will be immersed last.

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