5 Years – Done n’ Dusted!

5 Years

September 4th, 2004: A fresh-out-of-college engineering graduate came to Hyderabad in the quest for success (also fame, fortune, livelihood, peace, solitude, masti, fun, frolic and other stuff :P)

Its five years hence and some of those items have a against them, some have a …and then there are some with a and also some with a big ? beside them. I sure hope it doesn’t take another five years to fulfil those!

Edit: Just noticed that this was posted at 09:09 Hrs on 09/09/2009 :mrgreen: and also that this was post #911 😐

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4 thoughts on “5 Years – Done n’ Dusted!

  1. Congratulations, buddy! Any changes in offing?

  2. shaadi kar le. all other positions will change automatically 😀

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