CAT 2009 Registration starts 9th September – that’s today!

The sale of vouchers for the Indian Institutes of Management’s Common Admission Test 2009 (let’s call it CAT 2009 for short, shall we!) will start from today – the 9th of September, at AXIS Bank branches all over the country. They will be available till 1st of October, which is also the last date for registration for the exam.

In case you have been living in a cave all this while (or, like my friend Mr. EV, have been cut off from Internet/Media/News access for the past few months), CAT 2009 will be a computer based test (CBT) this year and candidates will have to appear the test at designated Prometric centres across the country. And there will be no purchasing of a bulky CAT bulletin and then sit for hours darkening circles in a pink form either (well, having a 22-lettered name and a long address has its ill-effects). The registration process is completely online.

For this purpose, one has to purchase the voucher from the bank and then go to the CAT website and follow the on-screen instructions to register oneself and choose the test centre, time slot etc and take the print of the admit card. The website has a detailed FAQ explaining everything one needs to know about the exam, the registration process, rescheduling process etc. There’s even a YouTube video and a document [PDF] detailing the step-by-step registration process (with some patchy screenshots, I should say!).

A word of caution: I fear that many candidates would make a beeline for the website once they get their hands on the voucher amidst the hope that they’ll get to choose their preferred test centre and preferred time slot. So be prepared to see some slowness in the site tomorrow. There’s a pretty decent window for the test (from 28th November 2009 till 7th December 2009) and hopefully quite a handful of test centres, so be patient and careful with the registration process.

Or you can stay awake at the unearthly hour of 2 AM like…err…ahem…yours truly and keep refreshing the damn page in the hope that the registration link will go live! :mrgreen: Evidently, the IIM’s don’t follow the 24-Hr clock…which explains why the registration isn’t open even though we’re 2 hours into 9th of September now!

CAT Website:

Registration can also be done at:

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  1. apply karre tum bhi?

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