Music Review – Blue

This was one album every Bollywood music buff was eagerly awaiting for (well, this and Radio). Its the OST of the upcoming movie Blue, with music by none other than the Oscar-winning maestro – A.R.Rahman. In his own words, “…is my first film after the Oscars. So expectations are scary”. Well, expectations are always high when it comes to Rahman’s music…aren’t they?

Blue Movie

The soundtrack of Blue kicks off with the foot-tapping and soon-to-be-on-everyone’s-lips Chiggy Wiggy, marking the Bollywood debut of Kylie Minogue. The song is quite good in Kylie’s hands vocals but gets kinda mediocre with Sonu Nigam’s entrance. The Anglo-Punjabi beats and lyrics in the song don’t quite gel and the fun goes off once Kylie is relegated to the background by Sonu…and probably Akshay as well. I wish filmmakers would stop pushing his ‘khiladiimage in every nook and cranny of the movie! Aaj dil gustaakh hai has already become a favourite. Its strummy beats and the vocals of Sukhwinder Singh and Shreya Ghosal give it an instant lift. I presume it will be picturized on Sanjay Dutt (dunno why…Sukhwinder’s vocals never seem to suit him!)

Fiqrana is a travelogue-esque song and the healthy smattering of Urdu words make one seem like its penned by Gulzar saab. Vijay Prakash does a swell job with the vocals and Shreya Ghosal ably supports him. The catchy background hook and the stop-n’-go rendition of some of the lines stand out in this one. Could’ve done done away with the electronic modulation of the voice though. Hope they won’t ruin it by picturising it on Zayed Khan! Bhoola tujhe is the lone solo track in the album and a pretty slow one at that. Dunno why but it reminded me of (shudderrr…) Yuvvraaj! Probably the orchestra/opera esque setting of the song. Rashid Ali croons it with his usual mellifluousness but won’t be a repeat track for me. Shreya and Sonu team up for the seductive-sounding Rehnuma with Sonu sounding pretty nasal at times and deep at others, and Shreya trying hard to sound like Sunidhi! The beats and slow rendition  make me think it will be played out as a background track…maybe as some dangerous shenanigans are played out underwater.

Yaar mila tha is a number that one would scarcely associate with Rahman, what with it sounding like a total item number and a raunchy one at that. An electronically modulated Udit Narayan and trying-hard-to-be-Asha Madhushree croon this one which has some rap at one step and some hip-hop at another…and an irritating pom-pom sound in the middle of nowhere! Joins bhoola tujhe as a non-repeat track. Rahman usually excels in theme songs (Rangeela, Taal et al) so its no surprise that the Blue theme stands out tall in the album. Probably no other music director has used a melange of various artistes as well as Rahman (with the possible exception of S-E-L) and in this track too he manages to fuse the rap of Blaaze, the trance-y narration of Raqeeb Alam & Dilshad, the sensuous voices of the Kakkar sisters and the Punjabi vocals of Jaspreet Singh with some pacy & foot-tapping music…not to mention the eminently likeable shout-out of “Bu-LOO” once in a while!

Overall, Blue might not be a chartbuster album (Radio wins that award in my book) but as with any Rahman soundtrack, it grows on you with repeat listening and I’m sure this one will too. Its pretty surprising to see no less than five lyricists collaborating with Rahman on an album; he usually prefers to work with a single person most of the time but credit to Abbas Tyrewala, Mayur Puri, Rajat Arora, Raqeeb Alam & Sukhwinder Singh for a good job. The lush locales, glossy production values, a nearly A-list star cast and mind blowing action sequences coupled with the music may turn Blue into a winner. Let’s wait n’ watch.

Pick of the lot: Fiqrana, Chiggy Wiggy & Blue Theme

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6 thoughts on “Music Review – Blue

  1. no Rahman song catches up on the first listening. Or should i say, rarely.

    Hope the movie doesnt turn out to be a turkey like Cash, Luck etc.

  2. Radio? you must be a bangi or rikshawala to think so. I pity you.

  3. I like being pitied upon!

    So if I’d have said Blue was the best, I’d be a Rolls Royce-wallah 😉

  4. RAHMAN rocked ……great great great album…Radio what is this Himesh ahahahahahahahahah…Rahman is a god of Music..and he is proving again and again and again and again..

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