Poll: I Got the Look?

I rarely receive any negative verbal feedback from people who’ve read my blog (well, that can mean either no one’s reading it or there isn’t any negative stuff to say about it….I prefer the latter to be true :mrgreen: ). So I was in a for a surprise when I received a rather jarring jibe about the theme of the blog! I’d changed to the rather broadsheet-like and bluish DePo Squared theme a few days back and thought that it was pretty good overall. But little did I know that it was a put-off for some of the readers…

So before I jump in and revert back to the tried n’ tested themes, I thought let’s solicit some feedback from y’all. Pliss to let me know (after the jump) which look do ya prefer to view this blog . I’ve deliberately desisted from including any er…um…negative options…I’m a sensitive soul and too much negativity can be harmful! 

8 thoughts on “Poll: I Got the Look?

  1. Even I don’t like ur current theme, previous was better

  2. Put the preview of all the themes? Who will remember all the names?

  3. mai bhi vote kiya saar.

  4. Tks Reema & Liju 🙂

  5. without a doubt, the previous one 🙂

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