[Gr/Bl/W]Avatars gone trotting?

See those li’l images beside each commenter’s name? They’re called Gravatar/Blavatar/Wavatar which is WPspeak for user avatars. They are unique to each user – email id, actually – and kinda brighten up the comments around here.

While its a fact that they will be unique for each visitor/email id, for the past few days have been noticing that multiple comments have the same image displayed beside their comments! Their email id’s are different but in spite of that the same purple-y avatar is shown against each. See for yourself:


Its the same on different posts as well! Its like the uniqueness is gone allovasudden. Any of you WordPressers finding the same anomaly on your blogs or is it just me? I’ll drop in a support request just to be sure.

See the blog post with the same avatars

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