Latesht F1 Gossip

Now that the F1 season is over, we’ll have nothing to do but twiddle our thumbs till the 2010 cars are unveiled and the new season vrooms off in March. But fret not…the media is not surely gonna lie down till then. They’re leaving no stone unturned to bring us the latesht hot gossip from the paddock…er…not exactly the paddock but from the boardrooms, negotiation tables, factory aisles, agents’ offices, luxury yachts and the like.

F1 Gossip

BBC Sport has now started their F1 Gossip Column, having long devoted such space only to Football. In their own words: “With the Formula 1 season finished, BBC Sport will bring you a regular round-up of the gossip in newspapers and on specialist websites around the world”. I guess that’s one way to keep the journalists occupied till the action starts! And with less than half of the driving seats for next year being decided, I’m sure the gossip mills will be in overdrive for the next few months. So if you’re curious about the off-season happenings around the F1 World, head over to the gossip zone and have your fill of the latesht news.

P.S: Orange UK website also has a dedicated F1 Gossip Page. If you come across any other webpages dedicated to F1 gossip, plz. leave them in the comments & I shall update them in the post.

Image Courtesy: Orange UK

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