How time flies!

It just feels like yesterday when I started penning some mundane thoughts on some free blog site that I happened to get hold of as I downloaded some free browser. That was exactly four years ago, to the day. Today, My Wierd Wired World completes its fourth year of existence on the blogosphere.

Four Years of

I know that I’ve not been as regular as I’d like to be and more often than not, there’re more F1 posts than any really creative or emotional stuff (is that due to the fact that I’m losing moi creativity and have voluntarily get rid of my emotions?). As usual, a big thanks to all the regular and irregular visitors and commenters who’ve been visiting this blog and keeping the counters ticking (they’re more crawling now as compared to having been fairly galloping some months ago!)

Happy Birthday to MWWW


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8 thoughts on “Chautha

  1. congrats buddy … keep it up !!!

  2. Fantastic Four, indeed! 😉

  3. congrats YC. More years of blogging.

  4. Congrats Chitsy!!!

  5. Congrats, four years is quite an achievement. 🙂

    And writing F1 posts gives your blog a unique niche of covering sports, that’s great actually.

  6. Thank U all…..


  7. congrats!! blog on!!

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