Poll: Mobile Number Portability

Its a few days late but I’m sure y’all must’ve read about the news that Mobile Number Porting would be introduced to the telecom subscribers in India from December 31st onwards (In some circles)

India will introduce mobile number portability (MNP) on Dec 31, a move that could further intensify the stiff competition in the world’s fastest-growing wireless market and push call charges lower. Mobile Number Portability (MNP), which allows users to retain their number even if they switch operators, will be introduced in two phases, the telecoms regulator said, first in the metro cities and the so-called Category A telecom zones and in other areas by March 20. [Full Reuters article]

It has been a long time coming and will surely give a boost to the already bursting-at-the-seams telecom market but I’m not too sure about its usefulness…especially to users who’re happy with their current provider/network/tariffs/plans etc. Users who’re a tad paranoid about having to let all of their contacts know about a number change or those who always look out for a best deal – irrsepective of the number-changing brouhaha – will be the ones snapping up this facility when it’s launched.

So, will you be willing to go for a different operator for either a lucrative plan or a low tariff or some other quirk or value-addition? Please vote in the poll below…

And as per this Economic Times article, MNP will be priced very er…economically – with a maximum one-time shifting payment of Rs. 19 to be tendered to the operator. Will that be an added incentive for network-hopping people to shift providers more often? Lemme know…

4 thoughts on “Poll: Mobile Number Portability

  1. How come with “1 Votes” it’ll be 17%Yes, 33% Will be a calculated decision,……..??????//

    • Where does it say ‘1 Vote’ be?

      Are you talking about the text beside the Stars images? That is totally different from the poll-votes re! The stars are for the post-rating…not for the poll-counting šŸ™„

  2. If i am getting good tariff plan definitely i will go to that with keeping my old number!!!!!

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