2010 Football World Cup Draw

2010 FIFA World Cup Logo
The draw for the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup was made earlier tonight and the 32 teams have been placed into eight groups of four teams each. Each group will play round-robin matches before the top two from each group will go into the Quarter Finals…you know the drill…(in case you don’t, please to head here and look up the schedule)

The groups are arranged thus:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
South Africa Argentina England Germany
Mexico Nigeria USA Australia
Uruguay South Korea Algeria Serbia
France Greece Slovenia Ghana
Group E Group F Group G Group H
Netherlands Italy Brazil Spain
Denmark Paraguay North Korea Switzerland
Japan New Zealand Ivory Coast Honduras
Cameroon Slovakia Portugal Chile

Regulars will remember that I had penned down the happenings from the ‘06 edition of the World Cup almost religiously. Time will tell if I’ll be doing the same next year around as well. Not that its lack of motivation and/or readership but may boil down to the time I’ll have on my hands.

Anyways, there’s still a lot of time to decide about that. Till then, lemme know if you too think that Group E looks like the toughest one of all? What with the Oranje and the Danes alongwith the Japs and the Indomitable Lions! This one might be the group that everyone will be marking down as the group of death :mrgreen: ! And there’s also Group G – Samba Boys alongwith the Portuguese, the N Koreans and The Elephants of Côte d’Ivoire and also group D, but its  alot less tough than the other two! Hoo boy…I can’t wait for the prediction time to begin…

And oh, also lemme know where can I get some kinda countdown widget-y thingy for moi blog that shows the days left for this big one…nothing in Flash or Javascript, coz that won’t work on WP.

6 thoughts on “2010 Football World Cup Draw

  1. Italy or France again for me. No England for sure. They shouldnt even reach the semis or the stupid English media will make it an event as spectacular as man’s descent on moon.

  2. Woot!! Its football time. I support Brazil and u?

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