Watched: Avatar

Ho hum! After all the brouhaha about you-have-to-see-it-in-3D…I put aside my carefully and laid-with-military-precision plans of spending a lazy wintry Sunday morning in bed and headed out to catch the 10 AM show of Avatar.

Avatar Movie

Agreed that the 3D would enhance the overall visual experience of the movie, but sometimes movies are not all about the experience. In that aspect as well, Avatar does well as the visuals and performances are as good as they get. The mechanical and scientific man-made setup on the planet Pandora are similar to those seen in movies like Resident Evil or Jurassic Park but its the natural world out there that is the highlight in this movie. And not to mention the amazing technical wizardry that went into creating the planet, its people, the animals and even their language.

But only visuals do not make a movie (2012 prolly would stand as a testament to that) but James Cameron supports it with a decent script and storyline as well. Ignoring some questionable sequences where we’re told about why man had invaded Pandora – for the “sells-at-20-million-a-kilo” Unobtainium & the whole corporate bottom-line theory. And BTW, don’t Americans use pound more than the kilo?

The story of an outsider blending in with the locals and then ultimately revolting against his er…um…handlers and helping the locals fight off the invaders is nothing new, I mean haven’t we seen it before in our own Bollywood movies like Satte Pe Satta and Raju Chacha? And is also similar to the Hollywood movie Bad Company! But similarities aside, Cameron blends in the storyline with the lush visuals and delivers a memorable experience of a movie. And lets face it, who doesn’t like watching underdogs win…with the able support of the hero!

Performance-wise, I personally thought Zoe Saldanha‘s portrayal of Neyteri was better than Sam Worthington‘s Jake Soooly…moreover, the avatar of Zoe looks more closer to herself than Sam’s does. Stephen Lang as the security head of the invaders and the main villain is very menacing indeed but has too many corny lines! Sigourney Weaver is alright as the tough-speaking but warm hearted scientist head but I’m disappointed Michelle Rodriguez didn’t get more scope to…err…perform.

P.S: Does anyone else think that given how it ended, there’s room for a sequel?

Moi Rating: 3 out of 5

12 thoughts on “Watched: Avatar

  1. Just 3 stars? Hmmm….you’s is the first not-so-enthu review. Many of them have given 5/5

    Not that am terribly wanting to watch the movie. Dekhte hain.

  2. I am eager to see the movie that too in 3D…will wait until I get the IMAX tickets

  3. I havent seen it yet…planning to watch it in 2D only.

  4. Hey i saw it in 3D. Before to this i saw few more 3D movies like A Christmas Carol and Ice-Age3. The 3D effect in these movies is more as compared to Avatar.

    I will give a 3.5 to the movie.

    • Can’t believe you actually saw ACC 😮

      And I can’t understand how a 3D effect can be *more*? Was it 33D in those movies? 😐

      And you are also like that Mammu moron…….what difference does a .5 make I’ll never understand 👿

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