Idea Cellular Ad – Use Mobile, Save Paper

Seen the newest Idea Cellular advertisement featuring Abhishek Bachchan as a tree, exhorting people to Use Mobiles and Save Paper?

Its part of the “Save Paper” campaign by the Aditya Birla Group – Exactly how they we’re to go about doing it is still a bit unclear to me 😳 maybe a part II of the campaign will be unveiled soon.

For starters, Idea themselves can stop selling their chota recharge vouchers on paper and do away with the booklets and manuals that accompany a new connection 😛

What an Idea, sirjee! 😎

9 thoughts on “Idea Cellular Ad – Use Mobile, Save Paper

  1. That is a good thought YC.

  2. Interesting article! Keep up the good work!

  3. I didn’t understand the Ad:(

  4. For that you need a high end mobile phone!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not really, any good display screen would do…for e-papers and degrees etc, a bigger screen one would be feasible. For menus and lists, even a small one would suffice.

  5. Has anyone really won the BlackBerry from Idea?

  6. save paper use mObile concept was goOd..
    really it was an goOd idea by I D E A and gOod ideas will alwys be encouraged De words said by mom and nw me..

    thanks S I R JII..

    here sanjay @hyderabadi..!!

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