Paper of Fortune

So it happened that I was at Ming’s Court earlier today…you know, the speciality Chinese cuisine restaurant from the Ohri’s group, and once we finished our meal, they passed around few fortune cookies. Now I don’t believe in these fortune cookies/astrologers/palmists/parrot/tarot stuff but at my friend’s insistence, took up two of them (different coloured ones) and just out of curiosity, read them aloud:

“Your ingenuity and imagination will get results”

Ahem…I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but that actually sounded true :mrgreen: and was feeling quite smug about it…until the 2nd one was read aloud:

“An unexpected relationship will become permanent”

Whoosh! Bang! Crash! There came down the hope that these cookies were kinda good natured, if not really prophetic! Why otherwise would they contain such scary stuff? Any of you readers believe in this stuff and if yes, have they really been truthful? Do lemme know…

P.S: We were back to believing they were partly truthful when my friend read aloud his: “You are more likely to give in!” 😈

9 thoughts on “Paper of Fortune

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  2. You posted this on 16th, and it appears in my Google Reader on 19th.

    Strange, very strange…

    • Google’s sabotaging my rise-to-blogging-fame?? 👿

      I stopped using GReader a long time ago….WP blogs I track via ‘Blog Surfer’ and others via the Feed on moi other Blog

  3. shaadi mubarak ho YC. Dont forget to invite us.

  4. lol 😀 so whats the present status of the predictions?

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