SwissCard Security Scare

I’ve always been a law-abiding and righteous citizen, with the occasional walk-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-road and an lone traffic accident as the only blemishes against my name. But the past week, was nearly hauled off to the gaol as a potential airplane attacker!

For a family emergency, I opted to fly SpiceJet to Visakhapatnam and since it was an impromptu journey, packed whatever little I could muster into a rarely-used haversack and scooted off to the RGIA, Shamshabad (will write about my first visit to the world-class airport some other day). At the security check, I dropped off my bag and other sundry belongings on to the trolley and after being frisked, was awaiting at the other end waiting to collect the bag…which never arrived!

Two security personnel came along and holding my bag aloft, asked aloud whose bag it was. I admitted it was mine and to my utter surprise, was called aside and in a melodramatic style, was asked to explain why I was carrying a knife & scissors in my baggage! I was flabbergasted since I definitely did not pack any cutlery or stationery into my bag and vehemently denied that I had done so. They said the scanner had showed a small-ish pocket knife & scissors in the bag…something that was part of a SwissCard. Something clicked at the back of my mind…me getting one such SwissCard for free with some cosmetics but couldn’t fathom why it had found its way into this bag. I ransacked the er…haversack and lo! there nestled in one of the side pocket was the offending SwissCard, a small pen-knife and mini-scissors innit!

I then fibbed that it belonged to my friend and that I had no idea of how it came to be in my bag and that I had no malicious intentions whatsoever. They were disinclined to believe me at first but seeing my gentlemanly demeanor and red-faced manner acquiesced and after some consultation with a superior (and no doubt checking my name on any of their lists) let me go…but not before they removed the pen-knife from the card and handed it back. The scissors were not considered harmful enough, I guess. Below is the stock pic of a completely equipped SwissCard and the pic of my post-knife-confiscation card:

SwissCard Original

Fully Equipped SwissCard

SwissCard Confiscated

My SwissCard - with the knife removed

With the World being what it is nowadays, one should be appreciative of the fact that the security at our airports – even domestic ones – is tight (if not watertight!) and such trivialities are not overlooked. But I’m still wondering about why the scissors was left in with me..,not a potent-enough weapon?

6 thoughts on “SwissCard Security Scare

  1. bach gaye tum…hehehe

    i was once stopped by the security at the old hyd airport at begumpet as i had a packet of chilli powder in my check in luggage. but there was not so much hoo haa. i just dumped it into the dustbin, got my bag re-scanned and walked off.

  2. hahaha I was caught too at the old airport for having a blade in my bag which I didn’t know of. They asked me to take out the blade and I was insisting that I don’t have any. They scanned my bag again, found and took that blade and allowed me to go. It was roomie who had kept that blade. Conspiracy you know. 🙂

  3. damn, your Swisscard set is broken now 😦

    although, better than being branded a threat 😛

  4. @Liju: Bolna tha u are exporting that to Singapuram 😛

    @Pab: Yes indeed….its us good fellas who always get ‘phansao-ed’ by smart-alec roomies! BTW, convenient excuses bante roommates 😀

    @Kunal: Hau 😦 Tho have a bigger Victorinox that will have to make case of any eventualities! Tho I’m thinking of going down to RGIA to get the knife back…150 bucks waste hojaate lekin!

  5. Hahaha
    Well I m bit ahead in this. They hold me for 15min in IAD for liquid item.
    Actually I had a Disney table showpiece. I didn’t know it contains liquid inside it. So after bag came out of scan I told no liquid item inside it. And he thought knowingly I lied and then bla bla bla…
    And as usual my bag was heavily packed so it took me another 20min at the airport to pack my stuffs 😦

  6. A rubber band or a safety pin can be a weapon if used wisely 🙂

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