2010 UEFA Champions League Draw

The draw for the 2010 UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals was held earlier today and it threw out what seem like some very intriguing matchups.

Home Away First Leg Return Leg
30th March 7th April
Bayern Munich
Manchester United
30th March 7th April
31st March 6th April
Inter Milan
CSKA Moscow
31st March 6th April

The Semi Final draw looks like this:

  • Bayern Munich / Manchester United Vs. Lyon / Bordeaux (21st & 27th April)
  • Arsenal / Barcelona Vs. Inter Milan / CSKA Moscow (20th & 28th April)

On paper, Manchester United seem to have an easy draw but Bayern have a bone to pick with United after their ‘98 loss in the final and won’t be easy opponents. Of course, both Man Utd & Barcelona have the advantage of the 2nd leg being played at home so a deficit from the first leg won’t be an insurmountable task (unless of course, they lose the away leg real bad)

Arsenal have a tricky tie with holders Barcelona and face the prospect of a rejuvenated Inter Milan if they get past the Catalans. Mind, I’m not too aware of the Russian team but do know that they’re freshest of them all, what with their season starting just a while ago. And both the French teams are also quite good – one brushed away Real Madrid and the other has a real miserly defence.

All in all, it should a right real football fest come the first week of April. I’m betting on a Man U Vs. Inter Milan final…Inter to lose, of course :mrgreen:

One thought on “2010 UEFA Champions League Draw

  1. Nice draw for United, shouldn’t be much of a problem. Semis look easy as well. I believe its a realistic target to aim for the finals now.

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