Moi Latesht Gadget

I normally don’t splurge on electronic gadgets. The HP Notebook and Sony Ericsson Cellphone were my only gadget-buys in more than five years. But seeing as Mr. EB was coming back from the Queen’s Land after a very long and fruitful stay, I thought to myself: “Ok. So the Pound Sterling is weakening each day. Let me get something via him and then pay back the amount when the Pound is at its lowest 😈 ”

Hence, got hold of him to get back two iPods (a 8GB one for moiself and another 32 GB waala for moi bro). Common sense dictated that an iPhone was a waste of money with all the jailbreaking involved and whatnot! And even though I listen to music on my notebook/phone usually, a touch device on which some gaming also can be done was appealing.  My iPod Touch

What sweetened the deal a bit more was that I got two iPod dockable speakers with inbuilt FM Radio worth £50 for Free 😛 . All of this for a little more than £350. Naaaice…

iPod Speakers

3 thoughts on “Moi Latesht Gadget

  1. Nice, do add some apps to your enjoyment too! 😉

  2. congrats on the buy!

  3. Tx.

    Currently have only ‘Pocket Tanks’. Am looking for some free wi-fi so as to get some stuff :mrgreen:

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