30th October 2011 – F1 Indian Grand Prix

The FIA, Formula One racing’s governing body,has released the calendar for the 2011 F1 World Championship and the all-important date is 30th October 2011. Well, the three days of 28th, 29th and 30th October are all important, as the F1 spectacle (circus is such a crude word, no?) comes to the Indian shores.

30  10 2011

The Jaypee Group Circuit will host the inaugural Indian Grand Prix and is set to the 18th race in a 20-race calendar. Remember what happened in the last-but-second race of this year at Korea? The championship standings were shaken up with the Red Bulls losing out and the Scarlet Ferrari of Fernando Alonso emerging victorious. Imagine something similar happening next year…and will be all the more exhilarating if I was there!

Now, which of my friends stays in/near Noida?

The 2011 Formula One Race Calendar:

Date Code Circuit
13/03 BHR Bahrain
27/03 AUS Australia
10/04 MYS Malaysia
17/04 CHN China*
08/05 TUR Turkey
22/05 ESP Spain
29/05 MCO Monaco
12/06 CAN Canada
26/06 ESP Europe
10/07 GBR Great Britain
24/07 DEU Germany
31/07 HUN Hungary
28/08 BEL Belgium
11/09 ITA Italy
25/09 SGP Singapore
09/10 JPN Japan
16/10 KOR Korea
30/10 IND India*
13/11 ARE Abu Dhabi
27/11 BRA Brazil

P.S: The confirmation of the race, of course, will be subject to homologation of the circuit.

4 thoughts on “30th October 2011 – F1 Indian Grand Prix

  1. I am planning to catch the race, although no idea how the race would feel when I can see only a part of the track 🙂 But still I plan to watch it.

    Now I’ll wait for your post with the details of where I can buy the ticket 😀

  2. Prepare the plan this time!!! I will come:)

  3. prepare well…am sure u can stay in Delhi and then commute to Noida. Btw, how far is the place from Delhi?

  4. I live in Gurgaon. Its in NCR. And I’m surely going to watch the race. Waiting for the tickets to go on sale! 😀

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