Now Reading: Sholay – The Making of a Classic

Sholay - Making of a Classic


So what if it is a ten year old book? Telling, as it does, the story behind Hindi Cinema’s biggest movie, the book in itself is a mini-classic. And there was another reason that I laid my hands on it – the book I was after, was out of stock!

P.S: er…I don’t do book reviews so this was just to let you know that I hadn’t walked off into the sunset or anything like that…

P.P.S: This book reminded me of a discussion with friends on Orkut sometime back – there was a trivia post asking who had a double role in this movie. There were not one but two answers! The joke answer was: Jai’s Coin (it had King George on both sides, remember!). For the serious (and likely correct) answer look no further than Mushtaq Merchant. He played the train driver in the beginning scenes & also the guy whose bike Jai & Veeru steal just before the yeh dosti song. Hope this anecdote will be in the book…

One thought on “Now Reading: Sholay – The Making of a Classic

  1. I want to know location of shooting of Dharmendra’s famous Sucide scene

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