Vector – The Game

For those of you who’ve been wondering what was keeping me away from writing more often on the blog, the answer is pretty obvious: Work. And for those of you who don’t believe that, I’ve got another answer: Play

Amongst others, one game that I’m majorly hooked onto nowadays is a Parkour-styled run n’ escape game called Vector. Yes it is the one of the umpteen keep-running games like Temple Run or  Subway Surfers but for me it is slightly better than those two. I prefer the horizontal running style as compared to the linear one in TR or SS, maybe it was all those years of playing Contra for 50 bucks an hour at Relax Parlour behind St. Vincent’s!

Vector iPhone

As with any game, there is quite a backstory to this one: you escape from the prison-esque situation of being in a controlled environment where an unseen force manoeuvres you each step of the way with neural sensors. And what do you do after escaping? You run, of course! You run across rooftops, penthouse offices, construction cranes et al with a combination of freestyle running and neat parkour styled combo moves. See the video after the jump.

I play the game on the iPhone/iPad and I find myself doing so quite regularly (off work hours, of course!). It challenges my agility, reaction time, finger controls, visualisation, strategizing and believe it or not, I find myself laughing in frustration whenever I misstep and fall to my humble end. And then I start over.

Vector’s free version is available for iPhone & iPad and there’s an Android version as well as a flash version playable on Facebook.

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