I’ve Moved

Ever heard of a sabbatical within a sabbatical?

For those of you who noticed, I have been on a self-imposed sabbatical from blogging & social networking for a while now. But there was the odd post or two here or some random pics over on Instagram and some smattering of tweets over at Twitter. But over the past month or so, there was radio silence over there too…

The reason? I’ve moved.

Not away from the city I’ve made my home for the past 9 years. But into a new locality. Having stayed at pally and pet and guda for all this while I have now moved to a pur.

No prizes for guessing which one!

Happy Bhogi, Sankranthi & Pongal


Can you smell the freshly cut paddy? Do you see colourful kites in the sky and colourful rangolis in front of homes? Have you come across bonfires in courtyards at the break of dawn?

If yes, then the spring season is upon us. Which for all the Telugus across the world means it’s Sankranthi time…

Here’s wishing all ye folks a Happy Bhogi, Cheerful Sankranthi  and a fun filled Pongal.

SwissCard Security Scare

I’ve always been a law-abiding and righteous citizen, with the occasional walk-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-road and an lone traffic accident as the only blemishes against my name. But the past week, was nearly hauled off to the gaol as a potential airplane attacker!

For a family emergency, I opted to fly SpiceJet to Visakhapatnam and since it was an impromptu journey, packed whatever little I could muster into a rarely-used haversack and scooted off to the RGIA, Shamshabad (will write about my first visit to the world-class airport some other day). At the security check, I dropped off my bag and other sundry belongings on to the trolley and after being frisked, was awaiting at the other end waiting to collect the bag…which never arrived!

Two security personnel came along and holding my bag aloft, asked aloud whose bag it was. I admitted it was mine and to my utter surprise, was called aside and in a melodramatic style, was asked to explain why I was carrying a knife & scissors in my baggage! I was flabbergasted since I definitely did not pack any cutlery or stationery into my bag and vehemently denied that I had done so. They said the scanner had showed a small-ish pocket knife & scissors in the bag…something that was part of a SwissCard. Something clicked at the back of my mind…me getting one such SwissCard for free with some cosmetics but couldn’t fathom why it had found its way into this bag. I ransacked the er…haversack and lo! there nestled in one of the side pocket was the offending SwissCard, a small pen-knife and mini-scissors innit!

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Paper of Fortune

So it happened that I was at Ming’s Court earlier today…you know, the speciality Chinese cuisine restaurant from the Ohri’s group, and once we finished our meal, they passed around few fortune cookies. Now I don’t believe in these fortune cookies/astrologers/palmists/parrot/tarot stuff but at my friend’s insistence, took up two of them (different coloured ones) and just out of curiosity, read them aloud:

“Your ingenuity and imagination will get results”

Ahem…I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but that actually sounded true :mrgreen: and was feeling quite smug about it…until the 2nd one was read aloud:

“An unexpected relationship will become permanent”

Whoosh! Bang! Crash! There came down the hope that these cookies were kinda good natured, if not really prophetic! Why otherwise would they contain such scary stuff? Any of you readers believe in this stuff and if yes, have they really been truthful? Do lemme know…

P.S: We were back to believing they were partly truthful when my friend read aloud his: “You are more likely to give in!” 😈

Movie Review: Wanted

The biggest strength of the movie Wanted is Salman Khan. And the biggest weakness…well, is Mahesh Babu! His portrayal of the poker-faced fearless and arrogant goon-cum-undercover cop in Pokiri comes in the way of Salman asserting his authority all over the movie. Not that Salman himself can’t be poker-faced and arrogant, he usually excels in those type of characters and is no different in Wanted. Its at the lighter moments that he doesn’t even come close to Mahesh’s superb comic timing in the original. I mean, a simple upma-comment would evoke chuckles in the Telugu version but a similar comment on pasta in the Hindi one hardly makes one grin!

Wanted Teaser

Apart from the comedy, Salman Khan puts in a bravura performance and carries the movie throughout. He’s never one for expressions but the arrogance and brooding machismo of the role fit him perfectly. Ayesha Takia’s portrayal is commendable and she does quite well at the emotional scenes as well as the confrontation scenes. Mahesh Manjrekar is good…he’s very hateable as the lecherous cop who makes everyone’s boot-tip itch. Prakash Raj reprises his role as the villain and I didn’t know he could speak hindi so fluently. Assemm Merchant (he from the bin tere sanam music video) plays his right hand man and could’ve been given more scope. Ditto for Vinod Khanna, who plays Salman’s father. He’s too big an actor to be relegated to bit parts such as this. Inder Kumar tags along with Salman as his friend, a cruel departure for a guy who played the friend/foe in Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge so well. Mahek Chhal plays the vamp, averagely.

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The Great Hyderabad Noisotsav!

29th August: Its 1 AM in the night and I have been rudely awoken from my sleep by loud sounds of drum beats, clanging cymbals, rattling trinkets, hooting sounds and the works. Groggily I stumbled to the window and glanced out, wondering what the hell was the cacophony all about. Well, it was a Ganesh immersion procession on its way to the tank bund. Muttering curses under my breath, I staggered back to the bed and rolled about for a good half-an-hour before I could get back to sleep.

30th August: Its 1 AM in the night and I’m half-asleep, just dozing off when I’m shaken out of it by the same drum beats, cymbals et al. Another ganesh immersion procession noisily making its way towards the lake. I doubled my curses and mutterings and drifted off to sleep after counting maybe like a million sheep!

31st August: Its 1:30 AM and I am wide awake! Two ganesh processions have already announced their noisy passage and I can faintly hear a third one approaching. I find myself lying in wait of these noisy &$%^#*$^#$)#^$@!’s and listening intently for similar sounds and only when I’m convinced that they’re gone for good will I get to sleep!

Noise Pollution

You must’ve understood my rants by now. Why on earth does an immersion procession has to be accompanied by such hellish din and cacophony? Can’t a simple nimarjan be affected amidst few holy hymns and probably the utterings of ganpati bappa moriya, agle baras tu jaldi aa? Does all this noise have a point? What are these morons trying to say to the world? That they’ve achieved some fantastically rarefied feat? or that they’re the next-best-death-metal-band-on-the-planet? Heck, even the loudest of loud gigs has a rhythm and music innit (er, sometimes!) but all this is just pure unadulterated noise.

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