Ugadi Wishes

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Ugadi!

Folks tell me this is the advent of Jaya nama samvatsaramu i.e. the year of victory. May the new year make you victorious in all your endeavours & bring with it bounties of joy, peace, prosperity and happiness.

P.S: Mom’s still making the Ugadi Pachadi but a previous pic is included here just for old times’ sake!

Ugadi Wishes 2014

Happy Bhogi, Sankranthi & Pongal


Can you smell the freshly cut paddy? Do you see colourful kites in the sky and colourful rangolis in front of homes? Have you come across bonfires in courtyards at the break of dawn?

If yes, then the spring season is upon us. Which for all the Telugus across the world means it’s Sankranthi time…

Here’s wishing all ye folks a Happy Bhogi, Cheerful Sankranthi  and a fun filled Pongal.

How to activate Partial DND & receive SMS from selected categories

Starting September 27th, the Do Not Disturb (DND) regulations from TRAI will kick-in, meaning mobile users who have subscribed to the National Do Not Call Registry will stop receiving unsolicited SMS or Calls from telemarketers, financial institutions, advertisers and any other pesky services that harangue users by sending such messages.

While this is a good (and long overdue) move by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India which will guarantee some peace of mind to consumers, there is a flipside to it as well. Mobile users will also not receive “informational” messages from various services providers or institutions. For example, you will receive (not sure though) any SMS about the call taxi that you had just booked or the confirmation SMS from an eCommerce site that you made a purchase on.

Though the unsolicited messages menace is a genuine one, there are some messages that users will actually need and await for. How to address that, you might ask.

Well, there is a way to implement Partial DND i.e. selectively activate the do not disturb services for a particular category. Details below: